4 kitchen design ideas to emulate for your new kitchen


3 Jun, 2023

4 kitchen design ideas to emulate for your new kitchen

When you’re planning to redesign your kitchen, it can be difficult to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to four design ideas you might want to emulate in your new kitchen – and don’t forget, once you’ve found your ideal design, you can talk to us here at R H Cabinetmakers about custom-built kitchen cabinets to enhance your kitchen’s new look.

1) L-shaped kitchen

If your kitchen has long walls, an L-shaped kitchen might be ideal. It will allow you to maximise your floor space while getting the most out of the room’s length. It’s also a convenient way to keep the room organised, with cabinets, drawers and the oven spread out along the walls. Plus, the L-shape means you’ll have one wall free if you want to decorate it and add a touch of character to your kitchen. Not only this, but having benchtops and worksurfaces running the length of the wall provides you with plenty of space for cooking, which is great if you like to be able to spread out while preparing meals, or if you’re cooking multiple dishes at once.

2) Kitchen with an island

Islands provide a focal point for the kitchen, giving the space a centred, balanced feel. It’s ideal for people who regularly have guests, as the island is a convenient place for everyone to gather around. This is particularly true in a large kitchen, as it gives your guests somewhere to sit or stand rather than leaving them wandering around the space.

3) Kitchen with freestanding units

Freestanding units can help you to shape your kitchen your way, altering the shape and size of the room depending on where you place them.

4) U-shaped kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen is similar to the L-shaped kitchen but makes use of three walls instead of just two. It’s a great choice if you think you’ll need additional storage space, and works best if you have a large kitchen. It’s worth noting that this type of kitchen design can also accommodate an island – blending kitchen styles together in this way can help you create a design that’s unique to your home.

If you’ve found your perfect kitchen design, it’s time to get in touch with us. At R H Cabinetmakers, we offer custom built kitchen cabinets, so you can be assured that your new cabinets will fit in with your kitchen’s new aesthetic. Contact us today to get started.