Maximising Space: Laundry Cabinet Organisation Tips


22 Nov, 2023

How does your laundry room look? If it is currently a mess, with the likes of clothes and towels strewn across the floor, you could often find yourself struggling to find particular washing supplies just when you most need them.

Fortunately, through installing laundry cabinets at Auckland homes, we can help residents of this highly populous New Zealand region to make the most of storage space. Here are just a few tips for you to follow once a few custom-made cabinets have been carefully positioned in your laundry room.

Give Each Cabinet Its Own Purpose 

For example, one cabinet could be reserved for storing clothes, while another cabinet could keep your ironing board concealed when you don’t need it.

If you do sort different types of laundry items in this fashion, it would be wise for you also label each cabinet to indicate what it is specially intended for. That way, you won’t have to set aside time for committing to memory exactly what kind of thing each laundry cabinet does contain.

Be Strategic About What You Store Where

The idea here is to make sure that, when you do need something laundry-related, you don’t have to go far to get hold of it.

To this end, you could, say, keep detergent and fabric softener near the washing machine. Similarly, when you have a laundry cabinet that stores only clothes, it would be helpful for that unit to be placed close to a dryer to allow dried garments to be easily transferred from the latter to the former.

Use One Cabinet for Storing ‘Clothes to Put Away’ Baskets 

How would you use these baskets? Once a set of clothes belonging to one specific member of the household has been washed and dried, those clothes can go into a basket labelled with that person’s name. This individual can later retrieve the basket in order to put their freshly washed clothes away.

However you intend to use laundry cabinets as an Auckland resident, we would be able to provide you with those storage units in custom designs to suit. We can take care of manufacturing these cabinets and even install them at your abode. For further details on these points, please ring 09 826 3511.