Maximizing Space: Clever Storage Solutions in Custom Kitchen Cabinets


24 Oct, 2023

Our kitchens are of huge significance to our homes. Our kitchens can be used for multifunctional purposes such as cooking, cleaning, eating and socialising. For this reason, it is useful to maximise the space we have in our kitchens through the use of clever storage solutions. A custom kitchen cabinet design can transform your kitchen. This blog explores some clever storage solutions that you could implement in your kitchen at home.

Customise your cookware’s storage

Try mounting your pots and pans on a metal bar that has been strategically placed above your cooktop so that the cookware can easily be reached, and also stops cluttering up vital storage space in cupboards.

Make use of pullout storage 

Pullout shelves and drawers create better cabinet space to assist you in easily reaching needed items. By creating pullouts you can pack more into your kitchen cabinets than before, making better use of the space you already have.

Create deeper cabinets 

By enhancing the space within our cabinets we can make room for even more storage which enables us to declutter our cooktops.

Add a knife drawer

If you have limited counter space, then you should consider storing your kitchen knives in a drawer. Not only does this protect the knives from children but it takes up less space all whilst helping you to organise them better.

Use wide custom drawers

Instead of stacking your pots and pans, you could consider building extra-wide drawers that enable you to easily locate your cookware.

Organise by type

By breaking up your cookware and kitchen items into type and size, you can organise your cabinets in a way that maximises the current space you already have.

Clean up the cleaning supplies

You will be less likely to have the desire to clean if you can’t find the right cleaning product you are after. Separate your spray bottles from your sponges, and your bin bags from your towels. Try using baskets or a lazy susan to store these items as opposed to just throwing them under the sink.

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