Custom Cabinets vs. Pre-Made Cabinets: Making the Right Choice


26 Feb, 2024

Custom Cabinets vs. Pre-Made Cabinets: Making the Right Choice

If you are seeking to add new cabinets to a room of your home, such as a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room or dining room, you may have assumed that your only option is to go for pre-made — otherwise known as ‘prefabricated’ or ‘prefab’ — cabinets.

However, we specialise in providing custom cabinetry to Auckland homes. So, should your cabinets be pre-made or made to order? These two types of cabinet differ in the following key respects…


Custom cabinets are made not only from scratch but also to the client’s brief. You can specify to us exactly what you would like us to include in the cabinets we make for you. How large would you like them to be? Where exactly should the doors, drawers and shelves be positioned?

When choosing prefabricated cabinets, you’ll still have the option to select from a range of readymade designs. However, you might find it challenging to find ones that look ‘just right’ for the intended installation location.

Use of Space 

The room where the cabinets are intended to be installed might have awkward gaps and corners where it would be difficult, if not impossible, to fit prefabricated cabinets unless they are custom-made to bespoke dimensions.

On the other hand, if the room has plenty of available space, you might be satisfied with purchasing pre-made cabinets—especially since you won’t have to wait for them to be physically assembled before you can acquire them.

These units generally come in heights ranging from 30 to 48 inches and widths in the region of 9 to 48 inches.


The exact materials used for your custom cabinetry will ultimately depend on your preferences. Nonetheless, with bespoke cabinets, you have more freedom to choose the materials used. Many cabinets in this category are made from wood, metal, and fibreglass.

In contrast, most stock cabinets are assembled from particle board or medium density fibreboard (MDF). These cabinets tend to break more easily due to the thinner materials used.

It’s easy to arrange an initial consultation with us by phoning 09 826 3511 or emailing [email protected]. We can draw up the design in line with your needs before proceeding to the manufacturing stage and installing the custom cabinetry in Auckland with your approval.