How Tall, Deep & High Should Custom Bathroom Vanities Be?


23 Apr, 2024

How Tall, Deep & High Should Custom Bathroom Vanities Be?

What are bathroom vanities? They are units each combining a bathroom sink with a series of cabinets. How high are bathroom vanities? They usually range from 32” to 36” in height, leaving you with the tricky question of how tall your bathroom vanity ought to be. 

As the ‘right’ height can very much depend on exactly who will be regularly using the vanity, you might want to have yours built to a custom design. So, what dimensions should you choose for the unit?

What is the ‘Standard’ Height for a Bathroom Vanity?

According to interior designer Amy Youngblood, 36” is the current industry average, as it suits most adults as well as general bathroom activities and routines. 

Youngblood explains to the Homes & Gardens website: “This height allows one to easily lean over when standing, brushing their teeth, doing makeup, etc., without overstretching their back.”

So, it would make sense to go with this height if the bathroom is intended strictly for guests or if you hope to sell the property in the foreseeable future. However, if neither scenario applies, you should aim to select a height that would accommodate your household’s own practical needs.

Will Everyone in the House Be Using the Bathroom?

If the new vanity will replace an existing one, you should measure the latter’s height and then decide how well it’s working for you and your family.

Though 36” might be the industry standard for a bathroom vanity, 34” could prove a better option for your own if it is destined to be regularly used by tall, short and medium-height people alike.

Other Crucial Factors Worth Weighing Up

A vanity height of 30” can be ideal if you want to be able to sit down when applying makeup or the vanity will include a vessel sink, i.e. a sink bowl sitting above the countertop rather than integrated with it.

How high are bathroom vanities?” When it comes to custom vanities, this is arguably the wrong question to ask. If you live in Auckland, we can provide you with a vanity at a height that will work to your household’s specific advantage. To get in touch with us for a quote, please call 09 826 3511.