How Custom Bookshelves & Cabinets Elevate Your Home Office Design and Functionality


28 May, 2024

Ever since the pandemic struck in 2020, remote working has inevitably seen a considerable increase. For better or for worse, we now spend a lot more time in our home offices. Well if you have the right space, then it can certainly be for better.

But how can you truly elevate your workspace to the next level? You’d be surprised just how simple the process can be, from custom bookshelves to custom cabinets. Not only does it make the space look fantastic, it also increases the potential functionality. As a workspace, functionality is surely a priority.

Shelving ideas

With shelving, the office is essentially your oyster. You could opt for shelves that hang on the wall, or a series of bookcases in various parts of the office. It ultimately depends on how much space you have available, and which would benefit the functionality of the room more, as well as the design.

The type of wood is also an important consideration – oak has the durability and timeless appearance that renders it a solid choice. You could also opt for pine, which is generally cheaper, as well as lighter and airier. Something like walnut could also be a good choice for its richness if luxury is something you want to convey.

Cabinet ideas

Similarly, it’s important to ensure the shelving and the cabinets are all on the same wavelength in terms of matching colour and material. When thinking about your cabinets, think about what needs to be stored. How does your workspace need to be organised? Will a set of draws underneath the desk be enough, or will more be required?

Again, this all depends on the office space and your preferred working environment. If you like things organised, then the right cabinet is a crucial consideration.

As well as being a workspace, the home office also offers something of an escape, or some general downtime. If you think yours could use a spruce up, or a revamp, then look no further than RH Cabinet Makers for the Auckland area. Our custom cabinet makers can help you along the way. Visit our website for further info.